Privacy policy

Our service is very personal, private, and discrete. We assume that everyone wants to keep this a secret. We respect that. We will do whatever we can to keep our relationship confidential and personal. 

These are some of the things that we do to assure privacy:

We will not disclose your information to anyone outside of our service unless they're an authority with a subpoena or a thug with a gun.

We will not sell your name or put you on any mailing list of any kind.

We will never send you anything in the mail unless you request us to do so. Even then, it will be in a handwritten envelope using a discrete return address.

We will never call you from a phone number that is associated with Rent-a-Date. All phone calls will either be blocked or come from a personal number that is answered by a person saying "Hello" or something similar. We assume that everyone has caller ID.

We will never leave a message that suggests anything other than a friend called.

Credit card transactions will NEVER show up on your bill as Rent a Date or anything similar. We use discrete company names for billing. This way the charge can be anything you want it to be.

We've been doing business since the late 1990's.  Please trust us to do our job well. We take your situation very seriously and with great pride.


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