Our thoughts on prostitution

We realize that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. People have sold their services for as long as we've been keeping records. However, today's society is more complex and risky than ever before. The threat of catching and spreading something that could kill you is more prevalent than ever. Some people still choose these risks. 

We think that's crazy!!! 

If you need to be relieved, you should handle that problem by yourself. If you have the desire for some quality company, you should get a companion not a prostitute.

At Rent a Date, we don't keep people around who have been found to solicit themselves to others. If you were to get a companion for an event, you may not appreciate them looking at you as a way to make extra "tips". You may not want to be around someone who is hounding you for a sale, or someone who has been around the block a few too many times either.


We appreciate your concerns, 

your business, and your life



At Rent a Date we're different




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