What to expect

Let's assume that you're a member of the Gallery and you've just set up a Date online. You've picked the exact person to go out with, how you'd like them to dress, the pickup area, and best time to meet. You've given us the itinerary and paid your bill. Dinner then dancing is the plan. 

We have all the information we need to get things started. We know who, what, where, when, and (usually) why. By now you would have also received an Email confirming your selection. 

Congratulations! You now have a Date for next Thursday! 

You'll soon receive a phone call from us. The person that contacts you will put it together and make sure that everything goes well. You'll be given their personal phone number and permission to call them at any time. 

Is this easy or what?

Your Date will then call you within the timeframe that you've requested. You'll spend some time to get to know each other and get your stories straight. You can discuss in more detail your Date and your expectations. We do not charge for this part of our service.

On the night of your Date, you'll meet at a location in an area that's good for you. This is where you'll pick up your Date and drop them off afterwards. You'll need to fill out a quick and simple form then you're off to have a great time!

During your Date, your Escort can be your soul mate. They'll look you in the eyes, flirt, tease, and have a great time also. If there is a story involved, they'll play along! Remember, You won't catch your Date having wandering eyes either. they're with you and only you. 

At the end of the evening, you'll either drop your Escort back at the original meeting place or call the office to get more time approved. In either case, you must return your Date before your time is over. The next day, (if you don't mind) we'll call you to find out how everything went  

We take tremendous pride in everything we do. Whether you try our service just once or use us over and over again, we'll always strive to make your Date the best you've ever had. 



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